Our main set of equipment includes:


5 Parallel lathes (from 155*1000 to 400*1500)

4 Portable lapping machines
1 Tangential grinding machine
1 Lap
3 Milling machines
2 Pillar drills
1 Calibration bench certified for safety value


Certified HYTROC Hydraulic dynamometric spanners

Magnetic drills
Tools Container
Measuring tools up to 1000 mm internal/external


Plus other advanced portable pieces of equipment used for on-site interventions


Our vehicle fleet includes:
1 Iveco Dayli - 1500kg capacity load
FIAT Ducato Maxi
6 Fiat Scudo - 850kg capacity load




Trapani a colonna base magnetica    Container attrezzi    Container attrezzi

Attrezzatura portatile certificata per taratura valvole di sicurezza su impianto    Attrezzatura idraulica per chiusura a coppia    Banco Certificato per taratura valvole di sicurezza